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Game changing claims management

Fully configurable, multi-tenanted, AI enabled and automated end-to-end case management platform.

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Extract data from, everything and automate your business

Munin easily extracts the essential information from business documents and transfers the data to where it belongs. Eliminate manual data entry and release insights trapped in unstructured documents.

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Pain-free delegated authority binders

Automated delegated authority platform that effortlessly validates and reconciles risk, claim and financial data. is a portfolio company that we have co-founded.

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Schematic is a full stack policy management system
  • Create your scheme with completely bespoke pricing rules.
  • Insert the quote to buy a widget on your website with a few lines of code.
  • Manage adjustments and renewals.
  • Auto generate bordereaux, policy docs, key facts, etc.
  • Create and run beautiful MI.
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