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Game changing Low-Code Fintech development
A modularized, low-code orchestration platform that allow companies to build and launch their propositions faster.

Fully configurable, multi-tenanted, financial services.

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Extract data from, everything and automate your business

Munin easily extracts the essential information from business documents and transfers the data to where it belongs.

Eliminate manual data entry and release insights trapped in unstructured documents.

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SME Loans Platform

Launch a SME Loans Website and App to give SME businesses unparalleled market access and transparency across multiple loan providers.

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Pain-free delegated authority binders

Automated delegated authority platform that effortlessly validates and reconciles risk, claim and financial data.

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The future of work is Portabl

The future of work is now. It's flexible, independent, increasingly remote and truly Portabl.

Be the first to engage and support your valued people with access to useful insurances, benefits and financial services.

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It's time to think differently about money
This pioneering app suggests positive ways to use your money to make you feel happier and healthier. Curious?

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Making maritime insurance claims processing simple and easy

Welcome to the all-in-one easy to use intelligent & automated maritime claims management platform.

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Search, compare and apply

Find lenders who are likely to approve you for a mortgage, at no cost or impact to your credit score!

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Access to justice as a service

Helping renters resolve issues with their landlords.

Tell us the problem and we resolve the issue directly with your landlord/Agent so you don't have to.

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Venture Studio

Do you have a great idea?
Vesuvio Labs brings together resources, infrastructure, network and experience to help entrepreneurs take their ideas from conception to scale, maturity and exit.

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