Venture Studio

Vesuvio Labs accelerates the process of turning ideas into prototypes and then into real-world scalable applications.

"Vesuvio Labs accelerate the process of turning ideas into scalable applications."

Concept Exploration

We have significant experience working with entrepreneurs on turning their ideas into business proposition.

Building Teams

Daring projects are only possible by means of talented execution. By concentrating highly skilled talents of diverse backgrounds in-house, Vesuvio Labs can quickly assemble multi- disciplinary teams.

Raising Capital

Vesuvio Labs works to prepare founders and companies for investment and facilitate access to capital.

Shared Resources

Leveraging shared assets among the companies, including knowledge, methodologies and services such as Finance, HR and Legal. This results in reduced operational costs as the result of a collaborative ecosystem of “parallel entrepreneurship”, in which lessons learned are shared and the cost of growth and scalability is distributed among many ventures.

Vesuvio Labs - what we do

Venture Builder: Help Others Take Risks

Kristian Feldborg, Founder/Director

What makes Vesuvio Labs unique among other Venture Builders?

We have developed a modularized, low-code orchestration platform that allow our portfolio companies to build and launch their propositions faster.

Because we are working on a common technology stack, sharing assets and resources is much easier.

Lessons learned in one project can therefore benefit the other members of the ecosystem very quickly. It is a framework for a collective, continuous process improvement. 

Who we work with