Digital Transformation

For many companies the old model of trying to innovate in-house can’t keep the pace anymore.

Do you feel inhibited by expensive and inflexible legacy systems?

Many companies feel this and find themselves maintaining what they have, fearing that future market share belongs to newer entrants.

With Vesuvio, development costs are relatively low and we will provide you with a leading edge customer service platform to create experiences for your customers that count.

Drive growth faster and with less risk

The venture building process allows you to quickly explore, exploit, and own new strategic areas of growth that sit outside your core business competencies. These are areas where new entrants and competition will emerge.

Launch new brands, target new customer segments, enter new markets, monetise data assets, and create new revenue streams. Take advantage of new technologies, channels, changes in customer behaviour, or regulatory developments by launching new disruptive business models.

When the time comes to leverage your competitive advantage, these ventures are ready to be integrated into your core business and be part of your group portfolio.
Vesuvio Labs - what we do

From Goldman Sachs to Vesuvio Labs

Mark Salmon, Head of Client Implementation

DevOps As a Service - helping you build your operating model

People, Process and Technology combined in a governance model. Teams deliver services end-to-end in the Target Operating Model

Vesuvio Labs

Vesuvio Labs

Establish an Organisation & Culture with cross- functional teams that are open and trustful.

Foster continuous learning and development to build cross functional capabilities and a mindset open to continuous change.

Transformational Leadership & balanced metrics to drive culture of innovation.

Open and transparent communication enable feedback and short learning cycles.

Vesuvio Labs

Establish Standardized Interconnected process in the software development (and operation)

Continuous Everything: integration, delivery, testing, monitoring, release management and planning

Vesuvio Labs

Improve toolset to support the delivery and automation of the process specifcally to accelerate software delivery activities

Container based delivery and immutable infrastructure blocks.

Leverage the vast DevOps tooling landscape to automate and support Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and minimize user intervention.

Support of dynamic environment configuration to help remediate the current bottleneck in testing environment avaliability
Vesuvio Labs
Continuous Integration

the streamlining of internal development by integrating code into a a shared repository several times a day. Each chek in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early in the cycle.

Vesuvio Labs
Continuous Delivery

is the process of delivering code that is production-ready and is kept in an always releasable state, so it can be deployed (automatically) to production at any given time based on business needs

Vesuvio Labs
Continuous Testing

automating and integrating tests into the software delivery chain, and automatically executing those tests against each build of the code base

Vesuvio Labs
Continuous Operations

is proactively managing the solution based on feedback loops. Monitoring and telemetry becom part of the backlog. Processes such as patching also fall under this practice

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